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Jeans for the kids who hate jeans!

Do you have a favourite pair of jeans? How many pairs are in your closet? Personally, I haven’t worn jeans in years. The last time I tried some on, they were so uncomfortable – stiff, restrictive and itchy!

I can empathize with the kids who hate jeans. My daughter is one of those kids. She prefers that all her clothes be super soft and cozy. For active kids, who love to move, run and jump while they play, wearing restrictive jeans can impeded on their play!

Do these jeans look comfortable?

Peekaboo Beans has once again come to the rescue with our new Bean Jeans! They are the perfect Hangout Pants!  beanjeansThey look like jeans, but FEEL like cozy, soft sweat pants! Plus, they have our signature thick elastic waist band,which means there are no buttons or fly to fumble with!


And knowing that kids can be hard on their clothing, these styles feature reinforced knees!

All the look and style of a great pair of jeans in a new custom-developed Bean Jean fabric that is soft, stretchy and Bean approved.
These pants have all the features of our typical pants such as elastic, drawstring waistband and faux fly, as well as reinforeced knees. This fabric is designed to wash and wear like regular denim so fading is normal.

Hangout Pants
Sizes 1-10

Order yours today


Our 2nd crop is ready for picking!

This season Peekaboo Beans has launched a 2nd release of product available for our customers! These pieces compliment our full Fall 2012 Postcards from my Imagination catalog perfectly!

I’m so excited to share these 10 great pieces with you, I know you will love them! If you’d like to see the whole collection, email me

Here are some of my favs…




Wingman Top

Be chic skirt
(also available in pink)

Picturesque Pant

Resort Dress (also available in pink)
























Did you know that you can get some Peekaboo Beans for your own kids for FREE when you host a playdate soiree? I’d love to book one with you and bring the entire playwear collection right to your home! Email me for more info:

Peekaboo Beans: 5 ways they are different

When I first got my hands on some Peekaboo Beans five years ago, I used to save Joel’s outfits for special occasions, not wanting them to get dirty or wrecked. Then I gave my head a shake. Why was I saving it? His Peekaboo Beans were meant for PLAYING IN!

So I took them out of the closet, and let him wear them! They were durable to withstand all his crawling around on all fours, dashing over tall buildings and slaying dragons. His Peekaboo Beans were the first thing pulled out of the dryer, and always requested! I loved how comfortable he was in the stretchy fabrics.

Joel’s clothing was washed and rewashed dozens of times before he out grew it. If he had a brother, they would have been passed along to him too. I still have nearly all of his outfits saved in a box in his closet. I just cannot bear to part with them. Every once in a while I take them out of the box and refold them, checking to see if there is anything I might be able to squeeze on to him one last time.

Here are 5 reasons why Peekaboo Beans are different!

1. CHILDREN pick their own clothing – Peekaboo Beans encourages independent dressing! 
2. CHILDREN wear them without help – wide elastic waists are easy to pull up, zipper pulls are childsized, and there are no buttons or fastners to fumble with.
3. PLAY and MOVEMENT is unrestricted – fabrics are soft and stretchy for maximum comfort.
4. MOMS  love them because they wash, dry, and wear so easily!
5. YOU can resell your loved Peekaboo Beans on our Vintage Beans Facebook group –  NOTHING lasts longer than a day on the page, and the average piece is sold in approximately 5 minutes!





Where else can you get such durability, longevity, and return on your children’s clothing? Try it, I know you’ll love it! Contact me to order today: or find out how you too can be a Stylist!

Peekaboo Beans Spring 2012 – Marvelous Mauve

This Spring’s Peekaboo Beans colours are so delicious! With names like Cotton Candy Print, Taffy rose, and Marvelous Mauve I just want to eat them up! I will be featuring different pieces in each colourway this week! Here’s Marvelous Mauve – what do you think?

As a Peekaboo Beans Play Stylist, you can bring these fabulous pieces to your customers in a Playdate Soiree! Ask me how you can become a Peeakboo Beans Play Stylist today!

A moment captured

I play this game with Mieka where I get her to pretend to be a baby. I rock her in my arms and she says ‘wah wah wah I’m a baby’. It’s cute, and I love it because it means I can pretend she’s not growing up so fast for just a few minutes. 

Tonight as I was putting her to bed, she asked for just one more huggle (a stand up hug/cuddle – it MUST be done standing, no sitting allowed.)  My back got tired, so I swung her legs into my arm and craddled her like I used to do when she was a baby. She held her bunny with one arm, the other was draped behind my back. She nestled into my chest and closed her eyes. I rocked that 30lb girl back and forth back and forth while singing her the lullabies I used to sing when I nursed her.

For a brief moment in time, a Kairos moment, she was my 8 month old baby girl all over again. And I relished it.

I first heard of a Kairos moment in a fantastic blog post by this blogger “Our Life Better Together’. I just love how she captures it here…

“And then there’s Kairos time. Those moments straight out of a storybook, straight from God Himself, when we stop, look, and melt with happiness. The moments when you feel like the luckiest woman in the world, in the absolute best place of your life. And because these moments aren’t planned and aren’t predicted, it’s critical that you see and soak ’em up. “

Live chat with Peekaboo Beans founder, Traci Costa!

Peekaboo Beans’ Founder and Director of Play Traci Costa is sharing her passion, vision, and the amazing potential the Play Stylist platform offers in an exclusive call on Wednesday, February 15th at 1pm PST (4pm EST.) If you’d like to check listen in, RSVP to and tell her that I sent you, or email me directly

If you’ve been thinking about the amazing opportunity to become a part of a company that empowers independence in children, and that provides a supportive network of other women in business, then you’ll love being a Peekaboo Beans Play Stylist!





The playdate Soirée

I remember being on maternity leave with my son and meeting a mom who told me she absolutely loathed having playdates. Something about the small talk with other moms you don’t know well, the chaos of kids and the whirlwind of toys left behind that wasn’t appealing to her. I could never really understand why though, because for me a playdate is is just as beneficial for me as a mom as it is for my kids!

Playdates were always a great opportunity to be around other moms who were going through the same experiences as I was. Whether it was someone else to talk about how to get my baby to sleep through the night, or what preschool programs were best, having someone else to bounce tips and tricks of parenting around with was so important to me.  It was also great company for those long days of being home alone with a baby.

But it was also so amazing to watch our kids grow together – we’d line them up on the couch and take monthly photos to see how they were growing. Our playdates always involved coffee and food too!

Now that all these babies are older, our playdates have changed.  They don’t happen as often, and are a little bit louder, but they are just as rewarding for me and the kids. I get to catch up with friends, and my kids have playmates to get lost in imaginations with! They play dress up, or play with playmobile, or run around making up their own games (and messes!)

Since becoming a Peekaboo Beans Play Stylist, playdates have taken on a whole new meaning. When I’m at a Playdate Soirée,  I really enjoy watching the kids get excited about trying on clothing and modeling outfits for each other. I also enjoy listening to other moms share those familiar stories of sleepless nights and how to creatively hide veggies in food! The Playdate Soiree is just one more opportunity for moms to get together with their kids and enjoy an afternoon of chatting, catching up, playing and shopping!

A Peekaboo Beans Playdate Soirée is a personal shopping experience where you can view the entire  Peekaboo Beans award winning playwear collection … while your kids play!  You can host a Soirée in your home and earn free clothing for your own children. The whole thing takes about 2-3 hours, and is a lot of fun. I arrive with my samples and display to set up 30-45 mins ahead of time. Then your guests, friends and neighbours would arrive to view the collection. I don’t usually do a formal presenation, just a quick demonstration of some of the great product features that your kids will love.  The best part is the FREE clothing  that you’ll earn – up to 25% of the sales in free clothing as well as 4 half priced items! It’s a great way to outfit your kids for the season, in a shopping experience  that meets your needs and your schedule.

Yes I’d love to host a Playdate Soirée!

I am now booking Spring Soirées, contact me to reserve your date: or 613-218-6699







That mother who had time to play

I hope my children look back on today
And see a mother who had time to play.
There will be years for cleaning and cooking
For children grow up while we’re not looking.

I recently found this quote on Pinterest, although the link no longer worked so I can’t tell you where it originated. But regardless of where it came from, it resonated. Last night we measured the kids after their baths, Joel has grown an inch and a half since September. Mieka isn’t far behind. They are growing up so fast, too fast.

How many times have I said not right now I just need to make this call/check this message/answer this email/fold this laundry/put away these toys… Too many times, and I am sure you have too.

Those things can wait. Childhood, sadly cannot. It is fleeting. In a few years, Joel and Mieka won’t want me to pretend to be a restaurant patron while they are the chefs, or for me to chase them on my hands and knees around and around the coffee table, or to make up silly songs about froggies on pillows or to stay for just one more huggle before they drift off to sleep.

I do not want to look back and feel live I’ve missed the best parts; the parts when they’ve wanted ME to be a part of their worlds and their play.

I need to do a better job about giving them more of me that has fun, laughs and plays right beside them. When they are grown and look back, I will be that mother who had time to play.