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Peekaboo Beans: Catch the entrepreneurial bug

My grandparents were both entrepreneurs. They owned two high-end women’s clothing boutiques in Toronto, and my grandmother designed and fabricated the clothing in the basement workshop. It was called Boutique D’Olivier, after my grandfather. I remember as a child going to visit her at the store. She would give me bags of fabric scraps that I would turn into crafts when I got home.

I wonder sometimes if this is where my entrepreneurial bug came from. I absolutely love being one. The pot is even more sweetened by the fact that my business is as a Peekaboo Beans Stylist. I love the clothing, and being able to market and promote them in creative ways. I love our company philosophy about putting families first and changing the opportunities for mothers to work in an environment that also supports their first role as mom. I love the enthusiasm from my team and my colleagues at our Playground (head office), and how much we support each other in growing our businesses!

Three years ago my journey into the entrepreneurial world began when my friend Lara and I built an online children’s clothing boutique. We spent hours building our brand, choosing the inventory we would carry, and marketing it online. It was such a valuable learning experience for me, I’m still using the skills I learned as I run my Stylist business.

While running our shop, we often ran into other moms  thinking about starting up a biz, but feeling daunted and intimiated by the whole process. What I love about being able to share the Peekaboo Beans business with other moms is that essentially all the hard work is done for them! When you start your business as a Stylist, you are becoming a team member of an already established busines.  The business plan is in place, all that you need to get yourself going is a few business supplies, a positive attitude and a goal to work toward.

Wherever this journey as a Stylist is taking me, I am completely hooked and loving it. I experience so many moments of joy as I am learning to be a better leader, a more effective business owner, and a passionate entrepreneur. I want nothing more than to share this passion and the entrepreneurial bug with others!