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Peekaboo Beans: Vintage Beans and Sample sale


I’m excited to invite you to this free event! Come check out Peekaboo Beans play wear (sizes 6 months to 14 years). This is a highly popular line from Vancouver, which is not only durable and comfortable, but has a very high resale value! We will have NEW and USED clothing available for trade or purchase (cash only).

Peekaboo Beans is an amazing childrenswear brand that is gaining momentum across Canada! Much like lululemon for kids, you will love the soft and stretchy fabrics, mix and match styles, and maximum comfort for your kids to play in!

Whether you are a loyal Peekaboo Beans fan, or new to the brand, this event is for you! If you have used beans to sell (we call them Vintage Beans), email me to ‘reserve’ a table.

Feel free to bring a friend, or two!

Saturday January 18th, 1:00-4:00pm
Aquaview Community Hall
318 Aquaview, Orleans ON

Hope to see you on January 18th at the Aquaview community Centre in Orleans!


Peekaboo Beans: Join us for some FUN at Funatorium!

Join the Ottawa Peekaboo Beans Team at Funatorium Explorium ~ an event where kids and parents PLAY together! This event is a perfect fit for us Play Stylists! We will be on site with loads of samples to browse through or buy items from our past collections (at a great price) check out our new collection catalogs, and take in some fun activities with the kids! Our Stylists will help answer any questions you have about Peekaboo Beans products or our Play philosophy.

Our Peekaboo Beans booth will be on display for two days:

Sunday February 17th from 9:00-5:00 pm
Monday February 18th from 9:00-5:00 pm

Ernst & Young Centre (formerly named the CE Centre),
4899 Uplands Drive, Ottawa ON (near the airport)

Stop by for some fun activities, see the FUNdamentals collection in person, and pick up some past seasons pieces at a great price!

At the event you can take part in so many amazing activities, such as:
  • PLAY SPACE: Hands-on fun for parents and kids to play together and compete against each other. Rock climbing, Bodyzorbs, Spider Climbing, jousting, obstacle course, GyroGyms, Mobile Spelunking, Lego building, gaming … and much, much MORE!
  • SHARED EXPERIENCE CENTRES: Learn how to perform magic tricks, work on cool science experiments, try your hand at juggling, create artwork for a video game … the possibilities are truly ENDLESS!
  • FUN CENTRAL (our centre stage): Watch amazing performances from Brad the Balloon Guy, Luv2Groove, The Cow Guys, Eric Leclerc and more! We will also be having a mascot dance party each day! Come bust a move with Riley Racoon, Rodney Raven and all your favourite mascot friends. 
  • MARKETPLACE: Family-friendly exhibitors. Touch, taste, try and buy! (This is where you’ll find Peekaboo Beans!) 

WHEN: February 17-18, 2013
WHERE: Ernst & Young Centre, 4899 Uplands Drive
HOURS: 9-5
WHO: Families with children of all ages
PRICE: on-line prices $19.99/ticket or $75 for a family of 4 (+HST)

Here are some highlights from last year’s event!

Peekaboo Beans Play Stylist booth plasma rockwall sillystringfight Stacking cups at Funatorium Explorium bodyzorb Sumo wrestling at Funatorium Explorium bouncy Brad the balloon guy jousting


A visit to the Peekaboo Beans Playground

Peekaboo Beans has been a large part of my life for the past 5 years. The journey began in 2007 when I first came across the brand online, and brought in a few pieces of the collection in my online children’s boutique. A year and a half ago, I switched gears from a retailer and became a Play Stylist and Ambassador with Peekaboo Beans. Over 5 years I have see Peekaboo Beans grow from a budding home-based operation, into an expanding business changing the way we dress our children, and the way we think about play, all while giving mothers an opportunity to own their own businesses.

I can’t tell you just how excited I was when the opportunity to visit the Peekaboo Beans Playground came up in October. I flew out to visit Traci, our Director of Play and PB’s founder, Amber & Kristen our other two Ambassadors, and to finally meet everyone that has been working so hard to make Peekaboo Beans what it is today. My visit was action packed, and truly left me changed. Over three days I had the chance to tour our head office and warehouse and meet everyone at the Playground! I got a sneak peek of some upcoming product launches and learned firsthand just what’s involved with getting all of your orders out the door and into your beans’ hands. I learned so much about our company’s culture, our vision and our goals, and took part in some planning sessions with our staff.

Day 1

There was a warm welcome as we entered the doors,  followed by lots of hugs as I finally had the chance to meet the amazing women (and Derrick!) that I’ve been working with for so long. After some training sessions, we had our hair styled in the Peekablo-tique.  This little bit of pampering was a taste of our future, working for a company who stands for working moms and woman having it all. Next came a tour around the Playground, some team building with Playground staff and education on our systems and processes. The day wrapped up with a limo tour around Vancouver!



















Day 2
On our second day we took part in some goal setting sessions, had a chance to meet other Play Stylists in the Vancouver area (including Candy Sethi on my team, photo in the centre below), and then were treated to a night out at Traci’s home for dinner and dessert.























Day 3

The day started off with morning yoga, one of the many perks of working at the Playground. The Ambassadors then took part in a meeting on building business one sprout at a time through recruiting. The day ended with a graduation ceremony, and lots of sad goodbyes (and happy beginnings!)

























One of the biggest take-aways from my visit to Peekaboo Beans was realizing that we are on our way to becoming the greatest children’s clothing brand in the world, and I am so excited to be part of our growth! I can’t wait until I can go back again!


Become a Peekaboo Beans Play Stylist!

Want to learn more about becoming a Stylist with Peekaboo Beans in Ottawa?
Join us for a no obligation meet-and-greet over coffee to learn all about Peekaboo Beans and the opportunity to run your very own business
as a Play Stylist. We will share Peekaboo Beans’ passion, vision, and all the rewards that come from starting your own business! These rewards include generous commission, tax benefits, a 50% product discount and stylist recognition programs.
We welcome you to bring a friend as well, the more the merrier!
All participants will be entered  into a fabulous door prize draw!

Choose one of THREE events on different dates & locations to suit your schedule:

Wednesday November 7th 
Sippy Cup Café
1104 Klondike Road

Thursday November 15 th  
Two Monkeys Coffee & Teahouse 
14-4100 Strandherd Drive

Wednesday Nov 21 st 
  Smart Space Organizing
5450 Canotek unit 68

For more information contact 
Vicky Bisson

Keepin’ it Real – An Event for Tweens!

With the upcoming launch of Peekaboo Beans’ newest collection for tweens – CiCi Bean – I wanted to do something to celebrate this new line while being true to its essence.

About CiCi Bean: “Today’s society puts and extreme amount of pressure on young people to look and act a certain way. CiCi Bean believes that beauty comes from the heart and we are all unique, special and beautiful. CiCi Bean has designed a clothing brand specifically for Tween girls with developing bodies and personalities. CiCi Bean aims to empower girls to accept themselves as the awesome individuals they are, while loving their beauty both on the inside and out.”

What better way to celebrate this new collection than with an event just for tween girls and their moms, all about real beauty!

Keepin’ it Real – An event for tweens!

Saturday September 15th 1:00pm- 4:00pm 
Smart Spaces Organizing, 5450 Canotek Road Unit 68
Ottawa Ontario
Presented by Vicky Bisson, Peekaboo Beans Play Stylist and Heather Burke, Smart Spaces Organizing
Event free of charge

‘Keepin it Real’ day is about self-acceptance and celebrating real beauty from the inside out. Acceptance of one’s self is the first step to real beauty. We all know how important it is to love and accept ourselves unconditionally, but this is a hard thing to do, especially when we are continually bombarded with images of what we should look like, act like and be like. So it’s up to us to step away from those images and ideals and stand up for ourselves and our tweens!

Tween girls (ages 8-14) and their moms are invited to get together on September 15th and have a conversation about real beauty! What’s the catch? No makeup allowed! We want everyone participating to celebrate themselves in their truest, most natural state of beauty!

Tweens will have the opportunity to view (and try on!) the new CiCi Bean Tween collection from Peekaboo Beans. Tweens and moms can have their photo taken together,  in their most natural, beautiful states, by Julie of Inspired Photography. They will have the opportunity to participate in a shared open and honest conversation about self-acceptance and real beauty. For example, ask yourself and ask your tween: “how do you feel when you look in the mirror with no make-up on? What do you LOVE about yourself?  What makes YOU awesome?”

Heather from Smart Space Organizing will present and facilitate a discussion on “Your Room, Your Way: talking about what matters to you in your space to both mother and daughter.” 

Light refreshments will be served. Fabulous swag bags for the first 25 tweens!

If you are in the Ottawa area, join us!


You’re Invited to a Peekaboo Beans Open House!

Enjoy 30% off any purchases made from the Cheeky Monkey Spring/Summer 2012 collection (including pieces off the rack or orders placed).

Enjoy 50% off Fall 2011 inventory.

Bring the kids or shop alone, and come early to get the first pick! Bring a friend or two!

***If you can’t make the event but still want to take part in the 30% off sale, you can email me your order at
anytime between Thursday June 21st to 5pm on Sunday June 24th. ***
To view the Spring 2012 catalog, check it out here:

Date: Saturday June 23rd, 2012
Time: 9:00am-12:00pm
Place: 325 Elderberry Terrace, Orleans ON

Cash or cheque only for inventory. Visa & Mastercard also accepted for any orders placed.

Peekaboo Beans Virtual Play Date

Peekaboo Beans is a company with a big heart! I’m so excited to tell you about our virtual playdate! Since most of us can’t actually be in Vancouver for a Popup Playdate with Peekaboo Beans, we are hosting our very one VIRTUAL playdate! For every Peekaboo Beans coat purchase at 50% off until the end of February, Peekaboo Beans will donate one to a worthy cause… because two bundled beans are better than one!

Will you help support this great initative by purchasing a coat through Your Peekaboo Beans Stylist (me!)? Eligible styles include the Tea for Two Coat, See Through You Coat, and Echoing Jacket. Email me to place an order.

Popup Playdates - with a purpose!


Peekaboo Beans and Play at Funatorium!

At Peekaboo Beans, we provide the ingredients for a playful life. Play is central to all that we do. When I first heard of Funatorium Explorium, I knew that this would be a great fit for Peekaboo Beans. This 3 day event, coming up February 18-19-20 provides an opportunity for parents and children to play together and have loads of fun doing it!

At Funatorium Explorium Family Extravaganza, EVERYONE will have a BLAST. The entire event is planned so that parents and kids play TOGETHER. There are 4 key areas at the event:


Hands-on fun for parents and kids to play together and compete against each other. Rock climb, Bodyzorbs (how cool does that sound?!), Spider Climbing, joust, obstacle course, Lego building … and much much MORE!


Trying new activities couldn’t be easier. Sign up for a Shared Experience Centre and learn how to perform magic tricks, bust a Jackie Chan move, or try your hand at creating your very own cartoon… the possibilities are truly ENDLESS.


Visit our centre stage to watch amazing performances from science to magic. We also have feature presentations from Free The Children and Jason Kotecki will speak about his Cheap Family Fun Guide (not to be missed!) … come check out the ACTION!

Come meet family friendly exhibitors (like Peekaboo Beans!)
Touch, taste, try and buy!

WHEN: February 18-20, 2012
WHERE: CE Centre, 4899 Uplands Drive
HOURS: Sat 9-7, Sun 10-5, Mon 9-5
WHO: Families with children ages 4+
PRICE: on-line prices $19.99/ticket or $75 for a family of 4 (+HST)

Discount code for Peekaboo Beans customers: PR6FE12 (save an extra $2 per ticket)

The playdate Soirée

I remember being on maternity leave with my son and meeting a mom who told me she absolutely loathed having playdates. Something about the small talk with other moms you don’t know well, the chaos of kids and the whirlwind of toys left behind that wasn’t appealing to her. I could never really understand why though, because for me a playdate is is just as beneficial for me as a mom as it is for my kids!

Playdates were always a great opportunity to be around other moms who were going through the same experiences as I was. Whether it was someone else to talk about how to get my baby to sleep through the night, or what preschool programs were best, having someone else to bounce tips and tricks of parenting around with was so important to me.  It was also great company for those long days of being home alone with a baby.

But it was also so amazing to watch our kids grow together – we’d line them up on the couch and take monthly photos to see how they were growing. Our playdates always involved coffee and food too!

Now that all these babies are older, our playdates have changed.  They don’t happen as often, and are a little bit louder, but they are just as rewarding for me and the kids. I get to catch up with friends, and my kids have playmates to get lost in imaginations with! They play dress up, or play with playmobile, or run around making up their own games (and messes!)

Since becoming a Peekaboo Beans Play Stylist, playdates have taken on a whole new meaning. When I’m at a Playdate Soirée,  I really enjoy watching the kids get excited about trying on clothing and modeling outfits for each other. I also enjoy listening to other moms share those familiar stories of sleepless nights and how to creatively hide veggies in food! The Playdate Soiree is just one more opportunity for moms to get together with their kids and enjoy an afternoon of chatting, catching up, playing and shopping!

A Peekaboo Beans Playdate Soirée is a personal shopping experience where you can view the entire  Peekaboo Beans award winning playwear collection … while your kids play!  You can host a Soirée in your home and earn free clothing for your own children. The whole thing takes about 2-3 hours, and is a lot of fun. I arrive with my samples and display to set up 30-45 mins ahead of time. Then your guests, friends and neighbours would arrive to view the collection. I don’t usually do a formal presenation, just a quick demonstration of some of the great product features that your kids will love.  The best part is the FREE clothing  that you’ll earn – up to 25% of the sales in free clothing as well as 4 half priced items! It’s a great way to outfit your kids for the season, in a shopping experience  that meets your needs and your schedule.

Yes I’d love to host a Playdate Soirée!

I am now booking Spring Soirées, contact me to reserve your date: or 613-218-6699







Women in Business Ottawa Trade Show

I will be attending the Women in Business Ottawa Trade Show & Sale tomorrow! Stop by from 9-3pm at the Nepean Sportsplex to see me and some adorable Peekaboo Beans!

Saturday October 22, 2011 9-3PM
Nepean Sportsplex Halls A&B
Admission is FREE

(donations for the Ottawa Cancer Society will be accepted)

With nearly 100 vendors this year you are sure to find something for everyone in your family or on your holiday shopping list. Come see the fantastic services and products we’ll have on display for you. First 300 attendees will receive a special gift bag with goodies, samples coupons and much much more.

For more information: visit our website at for a full list of vendors.