Peekaboo Beans Play Stylist

The best children's clothing available on the market today. We are passionate about play! Shop with me or join our amazing team of Play Stylists!


Click on the image below for Spring 2013 Peekaboo Beans Catalog

Click on the image below for Spring 2013 CiCi Beans Catalog
CiCi Beans Spring 2013

FUNdamentals – New for 2013!

Click on the image below for the FUNdamentals catalog.


Fall/Winter 2012 Postcards from my Imagination

Click on the image below for the Fall/Winter 2012 catalog.


Fall/Winter 2012 Cicibean Tween

Click on the image below for the Fall/Winter 2012 Tween catalog.

Spring 2012 Cheeky Monkey

Click on the image below for the Spring 2012 Cheeky Monkey catalog.

Fall/Winter 2011 My Family Tree

Check out the Fall 2011 catalog here.

A bit about the collection: My Family Tree

Our family tree is the root of who we are. It grows from our heritage and
branches out with every new member and experience of life. Traditions and
cherished stories help pass down the sense of family and belonging as we share
the secrets of the generations before us. Family heirlooms, collectibles, and
keepsakes are like treasures hidden in the attic. These are the inspirations
that are captured in the Fall 2011 Peekaboo Beans collection My Family Tree,
which is enhanced by birthstone reminiscent jewel tones and colours of
tradition and heritage. The collection has classic lines, yet playful detailing
with a unique look, which is characteristic of Peekaboo Beans.

Glamour Girls:
Listen closely to hear the glee of little girls as they gather in excitement to play
dress up with treasured jewels from Grandma’s jewellery box. Cameos, pearls and
gems spilling out of her jewellery box create the promise of a secret treasured
love. These memories give us a feeling of connection to those we love. Our Fall
2011 collection “My Family Tree” uses the adornment of delicate ruffles,
ruching and corsets as inspiration, reminiscent of romantically traditional
clothes. Jewel tons capture purples, pinks and greys in a delicate, yet vibrant
way – with a beautiful damask pattern that will hug your beans all day long.
This collection is a youthful twist on tradition, into the face of a modern day
princess. The Peekaboo Beans Fall/Winter 2011 collection captures the feelings
of excitement that make little girls feel special and cherished. Beautifully,
elegantly, playfully… Peekaboo Beans

Heirloom Heroes:
There is something about climbing into the passenger seat of a classic car beside
your Grandpa, or riding on a vintage motorcycle, arms wrapped tightly around
Daddy. The feeling of excitement and connection takes you back to a time before
you. The smell of the leather and the purr of the engine makes you imagine what
your family, generations before you, must have felt when they first went for a
spin. This is the feeling of heritage and family heirlooms that Peekaboo Beans
is capturing in the Fall/Winter 2011 collection .The colours are traditional
and classic, combined with a playful take on plaid and striping. Rich green,
brown, grey and teal would make any boy the envy of his time, while he stays
cozy and comfortable all in style. The classic car and motorcycle motifs will
have your boy choosing to wear these clothes above all else in his wardrobe.
Classically, joyfully… Peekaboo Beans.


3 responses to “Catalogs

  1. kim August 6, 2014 at 12:54 am

    Hi I am thinking about signing up could you please mail me a catalog and more information please I use to sell Kellys kids and they stop letting us sell please mail to Kim Albright 8331 Hargrove Road East Cottondale Al 35453 Thanks so much !!

  2. Beth September 19, 2014 at 8:07 am

    My 5.5 year old said just this morning – “Mommy, I want a coat or something with thumb holes!” He continued to say his friend at Kindergarten has something like that. I told him I would investigate and found this site! Could you kindly send me a catalog?

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