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Shopping for boys clothing

Ever since my son Joel was born nearly 6 years ago, I’ve had a thing about NOT dressing him in clothing covered in characters or sayings. My mom teased me that I dressed my baby like a grown man in miniature khakis and button up shirts. But I loved the look of this kind of clothing so much more than a onesie or t-shirt with rude sayings like this one:  

The other day I was shopping for some more summer t-shirts for him (shopping at a popular, chain children’s shop btw), and I could not believe just how many shirts we plastered with sayings or graphics that I find innapropriate for children! I believe that the clothing my children wear is a reflection of my taste! I want them to look good, wearing age-appropriate clothing.  

Now whomever came up with these concepts was trying to be funny I’m sure. And in some cases they are funny, but not for a child’s t-shirt! This one with ‘No Limits’ would be a green light for my kids to go ahead and stop following the rules in our house. Why a parent would put this on their child is beyond me. I can just see this scenario playing out: “Joel, please clean up your toys,” “No way Mom, no rules like my shirt says!”

Then there was the Ninja of Awesome shirt. A teenager or adult wearing this? Sure why not. But not a 6 year old! Yes, my child is pretty darn awesome, I tell him often, but he doesn’t need a t-shirt with a Ninja on it to validate just how awesome he is.

I thought I had found a keeper when I saw this blue surfer shirt, I really loved the colour. But a closer look showed the words “Beach Hunk” at the bottom. “Hunk” is not a word I would choose to describe my 6 year old, nor do I really want to get into a conversation with him about what exactly a hunk is anyway.

When I ran Apples’n’Oranges, we did carry one line of clothing that had small skull and crossbones on it. I didn’t mind it at the time, because it was more of a cartoon pirate look than the skull on this t-shirt. I’m sure this shirt would be popular with teenagers or skaters, but I would never buy this for my son! The worst part is that it started in size 2 – would you put this on your two year old???

The only shirt I came across that I would even consider was this Keep Calm and Play On shirt in red. But unfortunately they were sold out in Joel’s size – funny how that works out. He’s been playing soccer this summer, so I know he would love it.  

I’ve been disappointed in the selection of boys’ clothing for years. It’s so hard to find something fun while being age appropriate. It’s tiring always buying solids, colour blocks or combinations of that with plaid shirts.

I’m so excited about the Fall/Winter 2012 Postcards from my Imagination collection. There are several fun options for tops that I can’t wait to show you! I can’t show you the pictures just yet, but I can tell you that this collection is going to ‘take flight’ and ‘soar’!

Peekaboo Beans has been such a staple in Joel’s closet. I know I will always be able to find something different for him, with a fun graphic (not cutesy!) in comfortable fabrics. The bonus? I know that when he’s dressed well in Peekaboo Beans, he not only looks great, but it means I have great taste too! 🙂


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