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Exploring the world through play and adventures

I love creating ‘experiences’ for my children, and making that magic of childhood happen for them. I’m often inspired by other bloggers who share the amazing things they do for their kids. My friend Andrea from A Peek inside the fishbowl sets the bar high when it comes to creating those experiences. I’ll never forget the time she created a tempoary forest in her backyard out of digarded Christmas trees.

When I read about what Fan, a Toronto mom and blogger was doing to help her son develop his strengths and talents through play, I was awestruck. She chronicles the adventures she has out and about in big ol’ Toronto with her son Teddy on her blog Teddy Out-Ready. I’m really excited to share this post she wrote about she is helping Teddy Exploring the world through play and adventures!

Exploring the world through play and adventures
By Fan R.

Being a good first time mom is very difficult task that brings a lot of joy and even more responsibility. As soon as our son Teddy turned 8 months we started exposing him to different events and shows which we have so many in our megalopolis. Of course, we targeted only toddler friendly activities that can help us to learn more about our son and develop him physically and mentally the best way we can.

We created a global chart of milestones that we could achieve for a year and underlined the activities that can help us to do that. It is not written in stone and it all depends on his own abilities and desires to accomplish them, we just want to give him the opportunity to explore and find his strengths and talents. We began creating a weekly activity plan which we call adventures. Since we take a lot of pictures and videos, we decided to start blogging and post reports about Teddy’s adventures on Teddy Out-Ready.

The easiest way to reach a toddler’s heart is through play and that is what our little adventures is all about.

We decided to attend one big event every week, with the remaining days filled with routine and fun activities that Teddy loves to do. We try to balance indoor and outdoor activities, since nothing can be more beneficial for a toddler’s health than using the playground to exercise, breathe fresh air and play all at the same time.

Currently Teddy goes to MyGym twice a week. He enjoys bars, obstacle courses, balance beams, slides, ladders, ball pool and trampolines. Day 1 is a more structured class with games, gymnastic stations, separation time and puppet show. Day 2 is open play to dash around and have fun. Teddy loves to go to the swimming pool and we try and take him twice a week, the first day in Parent & Tot 3 class with instructor and second one is recreational swim to enjoy and play.

Once a week, Teddy attends art class at 4Cats Art Studio where he concentrates on painting a winter landscape– it is going to take up to six classes to complete the final painting.

The big event this week – we are going to see the Lorax in Imax3D! Teddy played with Lorax himself during Kids-Fest and the Outdoor Adventures Show and it was very exciting to finally see him in the theatre.

Here is Teddy’s sample schedule for the week:

AM: Playground at Community Centre
PM: Heading to MyGym Open Play for dance, games, gymnastics and just having fun

AM: Playground at Community Centre
PM: Heading to MyGym Open Play for dance, games, gymnastics and just having fun

AM: Playground at Community Centre
PM: Parent & Tot 3 swimming class with instructor

Day open for any extra activities that can come up

AM: Playground at Community Centre
PM: Recreational swim at Community Centre pool

AM: Heading to 4Cats Art Studio for first art class
PM: Out to see the movie the Lorax in Imax3D

AM: Heading to MyGym for a structured class
PM: Playground at Community Centre
Exploring the world through play and adventures

What about you, do you have weekly activities scheduled, or do you play it by ear week by week? What works best with your kids?


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