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Peekaboo Beans and Play at Funatorium!

At Peekaboo Beans, we provide the ingredients for a playful life. Play is central to all that we do. When I first heard of Funatorium Explorium, I knew that this would be a great fit for Peekaboo Beans. This 3 day event, coming up February 18-19-20 provides an opportunity for parents and children to play together and have loads of fun doing it!

At Funatorium Explorium Family Extravaganza, EVERYONE will have a BLAST. The entire event is planned so that parents and kids play TOGETHER. There are 4 key areas at the event:


Hands-on fun for parents and kids to play together and compete against each other. Rock climb, Bodyzorbs (how cool does that sound?!), Spider Climbing, joust, obstacle course, Lego building … and much much MORE!


Trying new activities couldn’t be easier. Sign up for a Shared Experience Centre and learn how to perform magic tricks, bust a Jackie Chan move, or try your hand at creating your very own cartoon… the possibilities are truly ENDLESS.


Visit our centre stage to watch amazing performances from science to magic. We also have feature presentations from Free The Children and Jason Kotecki will speak about his Cheap Family Fun Guide (not to be missed!) … come check out the ACTION!

Come meet family friendly exhibitors (like Peekaboo Beans!)
Touch, taste, try and buy!

WHEN: February 18-20, 2012
WHERE: CE Centre, 4899 Uplands Drive
HOURS: Sat 9-7, Sun 10-5, Mon 9-5
WHO: Families with children ages 4+
PRICE: on-line prices $19.99/ticket or $75 for a family of 4 (+HST)

Discount code for Peekaboo Beans customers: PR6FE12 (save an extra $2 per ticket)


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