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That mother who had time to play

I hope my children look back on today
And see a mother who had time to play.
There will be years for cleaning and cooking
For children grow up while we’re not looking.

I recently found this quote on Pinterest, although the link no longer worked so I can’t tell you where it originated. But regardless of where it came from, it resonated. Last night we measured the kids after their baths, Joel has grown an inch and a half since September. Mieka isn’t far behind. They are growing up so fast, too fast.

How many times have I said not right now I just need to make this call/check this message/answer this email/fold this laundry/put away these toys… Too many times, and I am sure you have too.

Those things can wait. Childhood, sadly cannot. It is fleeting. In a few years, Joel and Mieka won’t want me to pretend to be a restaurant patron while they are the chefs, or for me to chase them on my hands and knees around and around the coffee table, or to make up silly songs about froggies on pillows or to stay for just one more huggle before they drift off to sleep.

I do not want to look back and feel live I’ve missed the best parts; the parts when they’ve wanted ME to be a part of their worlds and their play.

I need to do a better job about giving them more of me that has fun, laughs and plays right beside them. When they are grown and look back, I will be that mother who had time to play.


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