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No snaps and no buttons please!

The best feedback I can get from my customers comes directly from the mouths of kids who wear and love their Peekaboo Beans! The other day I received the most wonderful testimonial from a new customer. I recently met Monique at a Soirée, and was thrilled to introduce her to Peekaboo Beans. She picked up a pair of Hidden Treasure Pants from the Spring 2011 collection off my rack, and later sent me this message:

“This morning, my son is rooting through the laundry basket looking for pants, I told him there were lots of pants in his room, and he said no those ones all had buttons and snaps. So I gave him the pants that I had bought and his face just lit up when I showed him no snaps and no buttons! He was so proud of his new pants! Love it, and looking forward to the rest of my stuff….hopefully I will be able to hold off and have it under the tree for them! Cheers!”

I love the way Peekaboo Beans encourages independence in children when it comes to dressing themselves.

Thanks for sharing Monique!

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