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Keeping warm this Fall with Peekaboo Beans

It’s getting chilly in Ottawa. Only a few days of summer are left, and already the mornings are cool and crisp – perfect for a Fall/Winter Peekaboo Beans coat!

Today I put on the 2009 Snow Bunny Coat on Mieka for the first time. I loved that coat so much that I bought it before she was even born, stashing it away in the closet until she was old enough to wear it. I loved the rich deep purple, the hand-knotted tassels on the hood, and the embroidered details on the front. It is an original piece, and I know it’ll keep Mieka warm, and the most stylish two year old in the neighborhood!


Unfortunately you can’t order this coat any longer, but you can order the 2011 Tea for Two coat! This fleece-lined coat has deep pockets accented with bows, and a gorgeous damask print in the hood lining! It’s the perfect coat for those chilly mornings waiting for the school bus, or that weekend afternoon rumble in the leaf pile!



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