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Remembering childhood

Last week,  I was visiting with some relatives for my husband’s uncle’s 50th birthday. I sat back and listened to them reminisce about the ‘good old days’. What did they remember most fondly? Playing out on the street as young boys, making up games with bottle caps or wood scraps. Staying out far too late roaming the neighborhood, stopping from friends’ yard to friends’ yard.

I listened as they talked about kids today not knowing how to make up their own games anymore.

I listened as they talked about kids today staying inside playing video games.

I listened as they talked about how much things change.

Things are constantly changing, generation to generation. It’s to be expected. We will never live the same lives that our parents, or our grandparents did. In some ways we are better off. Advances in medicine, women’s rights, access to more information… epidurals. In other ways we are worse off.

Every generation has its ups and downs.

When our children are grown, we will likely reflect on how much things have changed since we were kids.

Remember when we were kids and we used to go play at the park? Remember how we’d use our imaginations to make houses out of cardboard boxes and necklaces out of macaroni?

Is this just the norm of our generation? Or do we have a bigger role to play in teaching our kids how to play freely?

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