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Picture of Play: In the zone

Each week I will share with you a picture that I have found that inspires complete inhibited play in children. Providing children with opportunities for unstructured play is one of Peekaboo Bean’s founding pillars.

Play fosters creativity, flexibility, and learning and can be seen as the doorway to learning. It opens our minds to imagination, helps us learn to solve problems and adapt to new situations. Play makes us curious, which can lead to discovery and enhanced creativity.

When I saw this photo below, taken from a child’s perspective playing on the living room floor, it reminded me of something we often say at our house:

“When he’s in the zone, leave him alone.”

Joel often falls into this zone of play, where he is focused and intent on the imaginary world he has created. Whether it’s with cars, blocks, or Tim Horton gift cards (which he’s been known to use as cars!), he can stay lost in his imagination for long periods of time! I’d love to a glimpse into his imagination and see what actually is going on in there!

(Image source: via Pinterest)

What does this image inspire in you?


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