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When we play… outside

This past week has been nothing but rain, rain and more rain in Ottawa. But the sun decided to grace us with its presence for a few hours this afternoon. We decided to take advantage of it and took a walk to the park after dinner. Our neighbourhood is an older one with lots of mature trees, solid homes, but not a lot of children. I’ve spent many summer afternoons at the park with the kids where we had the entire place to ourselves. This evening something magical happened. All of the children came out from hiding and came to play at the park! I have never seen it so busy in the 5 years we’ve lived in this neighbourhood.

My kids played on the big structure for a while, and then ran over to the smaller one. Then Joel spotted them; a group of 5-6 kids, various ages, all playing soccer together in the field. He looked at me with wide eyes and said he wanted to play too. So I said, ‘go on over and ask them if you can play.’ And you know what? He did! My 4 year old boy walked over to a pack of kids he had never met, who were all older than him, and joined their game. They made him the goalie, and he loved it. He cheered for the team that scored, on him! He stood as wide as he could to protect the make-shift net between two ball caps. He ran and ran and ran after the ball. He didn’t want to leave.

Opportunities like this don’t happen very often at our park. I’m glad Joel got the chance to learn a new skill tonight, that it’s ok to make new friends and join a game of pick-up soccer! I’m proud of my boy.

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