Peekaboo Beans Play Stylist

The best children's clothing available on the market today. We are passionate about play! Shop with me or join our amazing team of Play Stylists!

Making play comfortable

This year my son Joel started all day junior kindergarten. At first I was a little apprehensive about him spending the entire day away from home, learning a new language. I wasn’t sure how he’d adjust. But he completely surprised me. He embraced it. He loves learning French, and loves going to school every day! His day is split with the learning part in the morning, and the afternoon is more of a preschool/free play environment.

Joel is the kind of kid who gets lost in his imagination. He has always had an amazing ability to sit for long periods of time in a ‘zone’. My husband and I joke about never disrupting him when he’s in his ‘zone’! He will happily play with his toys, creating his own world. In fact he doesn’t even need toys, I have seen him create roads out of folds in a blanket, and cars out of old Tim Horton gift cards!

What I love about Peekaboo Beans clothing is the freedom it gives Joel. When he’s wearing his Peekaboo Beans, he doesn’t need to stop what he’s doing to ask me to help him undo his buttons before he runs to the bathroom. He can crawl around on the floor and hide under tables without any rough seams digging into his waist.

Peekaboo Beans provides unrestricted comfort when playing, and gives my kids the ability and confidence to dress themselves with ease (look Mommy I DID IT)!  When looking for an outfit for them in the morning, Peekaboo Beans is what I go to first.

As a busy mom, I love knowing my kids will be comfortable and stylish while they focus on what they love to do best – play!


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