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The importance of play

I recently posted this on the Peekaboo Beans stylists Facebook group, and wanted to share it here for you. One of Peekaboo Beans’ core values is the value of play among children. Traci, the company’s founder is profoundly passionate about the benefits of play in the early years and the roots that it gives children as they grow into adulthood. As a teacher, and a parent of young children, I feel strongly about this too.

As a child, I spent a lot of time on the playground at school or in the park playing skipping games or singing clapping songs. As a teacher, I rarely see these kinds of games played anymore. Is this a lost art? Have we forgotten to pass down these songs to the next generation? Hand clapping is a cooperative, non-competitive game, perfect for reminding us all to have fun! What was your favourite hand clapping game as a child?  This was mine:

Say, say oh playmate, come out and play with me, And bring your dollies three, climb up my apple tree, Cry down my rain barrel, slide down my cellar door, And we’ll be jolly friends for ever more, more, more, more, more.

What was your favourite childhood clapping/skipping song?



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